The Philosophy of Mascara

The world seems to lean by the masses to the optical

And you and I are driven by the masses, too; we opt to call

A shade too light or skin too rough a problem that is solvable

And yet we miss the issue that's less easily dissolvable

A slew of philosophes from Locke to Hobbes to Montesquieu

Have thoughtfully devised a simple lock that's obstinate; we might eschew

The old and formless thoughts conflicting and bereft in cleverness

That think of man as gormless rot yet deft in his foreverness

Abilities to make anew the spirit of our fellow man

Menageries of paints and brews irradiate and smooth and tan

Instead we must ignore the shallow message of our cursed time

But what will be our lore? Perhaps it could be found in verse and rhyme.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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