The phantasm of collectiveness

The phantasm of collectiveness

We seem to surrender when the battle was almost won,

We seem to celebrate when the battle is lost, 

We seem to identify as a collective entity, yet continue to celebrate as individuals,

We seem to say “we” while wearing the veil of blissfulness, as we cross the treacherous bridge alone, stepping on the dead bodies of our fellow brethren in ignorance,

For what is reality if it is unseen, and its tangibility isn’t percieved, 

We claim to have seen the sun, and to be able to describe the manner in which the fire burns in the darkness that surrounds us,

But when shown the light you react in anger and defensiveness, rebuking the light because it has blinded you,

For what is the significance of sight if we stay in the dark,

What is the significance of thought if we stay catatonic,

What is the purpose of legs if you only pretend to walk as you sit in your pity and sorrow dreaming of the morrow in which you finally run,

Do not wait until the morrow to rise to action,

For the morrow isn’t guaranteed,

The only guarantee that every soul is granted is the inevitable eternal silence that awaits us in the dirt that lies beneath us,

Do not run away from the darkness, but instead run towards the glistening light of the sunset that falls beneath the dark enigmatic sea of truth that lies behind the dark menacing mountains of doubt and fear, 

For what hides behind fear and doubt, is success and purpose,

The absence of pain is the absence of enjoyment, how can one enjoy solidarity if they have not suffered in disorder and chaos,

Run to the light,

Run towards suffering,

Run past the mirages of water, 

Until you reach the murky waters of the river of truth,

Stare into the river to see your reflection, 

Then and only then will you see your true self


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