Peter Pans Poison


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If Peter Pans poison never set into my heart and head,
If my parents only understood
If Never Neverland wasn't so far away- I’d disappear today
I’d never look back
I’d be content living amongst Hook, and Tinkerbell, and even the Lost Boys
One day I’d be a pirate- the best to ever sail the seas.
One day I’d live amid the fairies and call Pixie Hollow my home
One day I’d spend all day telling the boys my stories I've collected over 18 years.
The stories of the horrid test taking,
The monsters that prefer cruel words over an exchange of the fist in the hallways of a school.
Oh and the schools! How awful are they? I’d be sure to warn the boys of the prison they force teenagers to attend daily.
I’d tell them Peter was right- its very tough growing up.

When you’re young you have the world- the adults practically hand it over to you
And you’re proud; you say your full name with such ease.
You basically bang on your chest and announce to humankind saying that you have arrived- so never fear.
Because what do you have to fear? You haven’t done a thing yet to make people look down on you.

You believe in all the ‘I-love-yous’ and can’t wait for mothers’ kisses, or for when father arrives home.
The ‘you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be’s’ never stop coming from every adult mouth in town, so naturally you believe it.
You feel it in your bones therefore you often you change your mind.
One day you’ll be a doctor- saving life after life
One day you’ll be a rock star- singing and rocking out until you can’t anymore.
One day you’ll be a magician- and all the children will wonder in your all mighty power.
But then suddenly, the ‘I-love-yous’ fade into an abyss.
And mothers kisses are but a dream and fathers arrival only means the house better be clean.
You soon find out then just when you need to hear the words ‘I-believe-in-you’ everyone around becomes a mute.
And the most important words at a crucial time go forever unsaid.
Scars only deepen and thicken day by day until all of your previous innocence is shunned away.
I would tell those boys- those runaways; to stay away.

If Peter Pan only knew the ideas he filled my head with
If my soul hadn't grown so old
If my wings weren't clipped at such an early age
I swear it; I swear it I would leave today.


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