Petals In the Wind

Have you ever seen it drift away 
The petals from a flower 
When the wind blows no matter how strong and sturdy 
Doesn't it still blow away 

It may have grown through the toughest conditions 
On the highest mountains 
The lowest valleys 
The darkest and roughest seas 
But once picked 
It blows with the wind 

But I… I have chosen to hold on 
Never ever have I held such fragility so tightly 
The wind screams at me to let go 
How dare it tug and pull at your tenderness 
I can't let go ...not after all the gardening and weeding 

He helped prune and water 
Helped keep you beautiful 
We cared for you like a child 
Watched you grow and misbehave 
Took turns when we both couldn't see the right way 

Even as we both neglected you and the dark sun took away your energy 
When You could no longer feed and were covered in the rubble 
You persevered and stayed strong 
We grew you so well that you could live on beyond us 

But the wind 
The wind is proving to be much too strong 
We took too long to return 
Too long to protect you 
Too long to shield you 
Too long to tell the wind “NO! 
We want it” 

I grabbed as much as I can and I hold these petals dearly 
From across the field I see him save some and weep 
The smile it brings to see that after so long we still both care for you 
The smile that fades to see petals blow past my face 
Fading from his hand 
He wishes for his grip to be stronger but the elements 
They say let them go 

Do I listen to howls of the wind? 

I've released a few and now him and I are left with one 
From across the field we hold our petals 
Our weeps seem to give the petal life 
It lives receiving no nutrients but our tears 

But in his eyes I see the hole 
That hole eats away my inside 
I feel the same emptiness in my eyes 
I see it eat away at his very soul 

Do I listen to the howls of the wind and let go? 
Leaving my insides hollow 
Never returning to the field 
But looking through the hole in my eyes just to see more innocent petals drift.

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