Each day, I walk around

Looking up and looking down

Up at the sunset, with it's vivid colors

Down at the cement, With gum and painted numbers'

Sometimes, I look forward and behind

Forward at my future, always just ahead

Behind at my mistakes, proving I can be better


Is this what others see

As they walk around?

Do the faces of their friends 

Look both 17 and 23?

Do they see pal trees,

And feel the quiet of a forest?

Or maybe read one word,

And hear a whole speech?


Perhaps they see what I don't,

With my head in the clouds.

They look at the sky,

And see ships sailing on air.

Turn the color of a chair

Into waves of light.

See a book,

And feel like sleeping.


The only way to know

Is something we all must do.

It's conversing, sharing, talking.

It's communicating your vision and being open to see other's.

It's called



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