Personification of a Change of Heart

There's no story to read. I have no end, no start. I am simply a personification of a change of heart.

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It’s challenging to describe myself 

When I constantly question my decisions

Challenge my thoughts, pick up my own gauntlet.

But, honestly, I love these inner collisions.


I find how to be quietly loud; to be shyly brave.

To be a model student who wants to misbehave.

To be armored but open like a twenty-four hour shop,

A little late night stop on the corner of calm and not.


I can receive the highest praise,

Get all A’s,

Then at the end of the day

Feel I’m not enough.

I can open my arms,

Be of no harm,

Raise no alarm,

And still stay tough.


Because I’m made of the stuff

That patches streets together,

Keeps rain falling to the beat together,

That feeling when people get sweet together

And lie closed eyed beneath the sheets together.


I will stay unbothered and stable,

Still offended and wild.

A confident adult

Still a hurricane of a child.

There is no story to read,

I have no end, no start.

I am simply

A personification of a change of heart.

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