the person within me

Do you know how BAD it feels... to be hated for your race?

not your intelligence? or your personality?

but the skin upon your face?

to feel excluded? and alien? to feel disgusting? and wrong?

to be discriminated for stereotypes, that do not express your love?

Have you ever loved someone so much, they stole your heart and mind?

and then been told that because of you skin, they "Do not 'attract' to your kind"?

Have you ever ate a piece of fruit and had somebody laugh...

because "black people eat watermelon" is some hysterical fact?


The person within me has felt this pain, and has been confused and misunderstood

The person withing me has felt this pain, and cried, and wept ... boo-hooed!

yet the person within me, that has felt this pain, that has feared a world anew

has now become a strenthened young woman, with a soul that been renewed! 



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