A Person Like Me

Ferocious, Fierce, Uptight and Angry,

A person like me sounds so unfriendly.

Take your time, unwind and relax,

And I'll tell you a little about how I act.

Sometimes I write just for fun,

to try and forget all the bad that I've done.

But a person like me would never admit it,

it's not like you can prove I did it.

A person like me enjoys to stand out.

I'm in your mind, I'm what you think about

Some say it's good,

Some think it's bad,

But a person like me enjoys the attention,

being different was my intention.

A person like would love for what I've said to be true,

but truth is, 

A person like me is shy and timid,

my anger rages less then a minuet.

A person like me is mellow,

Sometimes too shy to even wave hello.

A person like me has no reason to rage,

and my life has no room for rampage.

So I sit calm, relaxed and still,

because Me as a person is how I feel.

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