The Period of Depression


Depression with a little obsession

Where little things matter

Makin me feel like a mad hatter

One day you’ll find me in a hole

Not lookin for help

Watching your pretty ice cream melt

Scared at failing

Scared at succeeding

These are universal feelings between you and me

Don’t forget that this is reality

Oh no no no no

Depression is not to be taken lightly of

Although it is common

It remains a problem

Experiencing these feelings of blue, red, and black

Sometimes I felt like I never wanted to come back

However, upon looking at this particular bottle

This warm-orange blossom bottle that contained lists of to dos

Filled with joy and productivity too


Drink me

Drink me

To which I hesitated

Although reluctant at first, I remained goal-orientated

Upon drinking from the bottle

My happiness shot up in a full throttle

By overcoming most of my troubles

I learned to come out of my bubble

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