Perfection; N; The Condition of being perfect or without fault; excellence



You strive for it

You reach toward it

You momentarily grasp it

But then you fall,

Stumble yet again


And as the familiar taste of gravel in your mouth

Mingles with the tears in your eyes

And blood from your wounds

You struggle to stand

Wondering how, yet again you failed



Failure to preform to the standard that has been set

By you, by others

There is no one person to blame

You want perfection; People will adore you

You need perfection: the sense of accomplishment is intoxicating


It's a drug

The thrill and chill of knowing

You did it

You've beat them all

You're the best

No one is above you


And like a possessed person you laugh

While tears of joy stream down your face

This crazy high you have will last you all your days

Or So You Think


But once again

You're stuck again

Crawling up that Golden Ladder

On your knees, just like a beggar


Writhing, Seething, Foaming, Cursing

In Agony and Pain

Because of the fact that Someone Else has a greater name


You'll kill yourself eventually, with your feverish fits from Hell

But in your heart you know you can't stop this drug;

It has become you will







These words are like honey on your lips

Until one day on your throne you'll say

"Damn, all that work for this?"



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