Perfection is a figure of your imagination


Perfection is a standard made by unsoulful people

People whom thought they had the right to define perfection

Perfection is anything but it's simple physique

Man came up with 'perfection' 

a woman whom would obey his every word

stayed home

no education

no voice

nothing but a maid

Man was wrong beyond thought

Perfection is no simple physique 

the idea of it is a disease so deep it penetrates through the soul

this disease consumes you

poises the mind



Perfections true meaning is as it's dictionary definition

close to flawless

ALMOST flawless

the truth is no one is perfect

no one is flawless

BUT you can come close

being flawless does not mean


no fat

no opinion

no imperfection

it means you are truly a good soul

you love

your selfless


and kind

True flawlessness is achieved from the soul not the mind

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