The Perfect Words

One after another they race through my mind


I’m sorry

Are you okay

Do you want to talk


None of them fit


I’m here for you

I hope you’re okay

Will you please talk to me


The Perfect Words


One by one I knock them down

As new ones come 


But none of them are right


None of them are right because I have no idea what to say to you


My heart breaks to see you fall

Because I know you are smarter than you think 

And stronger than you know

But I can do nothing to pick you back up


So maybe then you could lean on me 

Once you’re back on your feet

Maybe I could learn to lean on you too


But I cannot say this in so many words


The perfect words may not even exist


But I know that I must say something


So I decide to put it in your hands

With a deep breath I say

“I’m here if you need me."


Need to talk?

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