The Perfect Woman

Wed, 02/10/2021 - 01:54 -- KhaiK


  1. Makes me a sandwich

  2. Does the laundry

  3. Does the dishes

  4. Sets the table

  5. Cleans the house

The Perfect WOMAN!

      6. Makes me dinner

      7. Does the shopping

      8. Gets me a beer

      9. Rubs my feet

     10. Does my bidding

this makes you

The Perfect WOMAN!

      and if you don’t, 

you aren’t a WOMAN

you aren’t the right WOMAN

you are not The Perfect WOMAN!


      This might be the case of a WOMAN in the 1950’s but society has changed and people have changed. 

      This might have been normal then but now, when a man says these things they are scum and should die in a hole somewhere or people just toss it over our heads as a joke.

       I might joke and laugh about WOMEN, Domesticated WOMEN, Perfect WOMEN but I would never want to be put down by anyone, let alone a MAN who is most likely compensating for something.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Thank you so much!

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