A Perfect Fraud


Perfect Fraud


Ugly, stupid monstrosity of raw flesh,

A monster carved out of a precious soul,


    I hide in the shadows of Perfection,

    Slave to her will, must be her reflection,

    Perfect: a remarkable role model,

    Blessed by even the godless people,

    I give up my friends, my art, my fashion,

    Perfection will replace all my passions,

    No risk of being vulnerable to others,

    I'd rather a fraud live my life than be judged,

    Though I live my life in my own prison,

           Unlock my cell? I haven't a reason,

    For the outside world is far too bitter,

    Yet I've not been outside in quite a while...

    And maybe there is some good to be found,

           Oh why do I let this fraud keep me bound!


Beautiful and precious child of the Lord,

Handcrafted masterpiece of God himself.



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