You fail to see the flaws of a family that seems to have it all put together.

Mother and a father married for 20 years that they could finish each other sentences

Kids feeling so happy so well behaved that they all kept straight A's  with a passion to be something big in life

This family seemed so magical that makes you think if it's real.

Behind closed door where things couldn't be forgotten but cover up with a smile to seem so perfect

The house down the block standout from the rest.The lawn cut sharp planted at it's best. Events held in the back yard laughs shared as we all gathered to see this family be.

Hugs and kisses bed time stories every night, set the dinner table as they all sat together and had conversations.

No secrets to hide as people realized that man I wish my family could be something so elegant that made you see the view.

To awaken things you never knew. When the doors shuts and locks the curtains closed them in to take off the mask everyone knew so well. The screams and arguments tears faded at night

Anger in the inside and out that always had to stay calm and control to break and attack the ones who lied and said it will be OK.

Coming home late asking questions on where you been marriage hanging on such thin lines. Walking on ice that you couldn't feel warmth but freeze in the cold air.

The kids grades starting to drop and seem to turn a lose having to keep thing locked up inside because you knew people would judge as they only saw the outside image but never what happens when things are so small become big.

WHAT EVER HAPPENS IN THIS HOUSE STAYS IN THIS HOUSE words that makes it hard to stay strong surround by things that haven't been solved but to build up

To young to understand the excuses they made for not telling the truth but a lie

Depression and betrayal from a person you looked up to begin to weaken.Divorce ,Unhappiness ,lost of love in a home that showed you every second of misery

The doors with welcome begin to close .The bed time stories became nightmares

The lawn grew long and the plants became brown that crumble up and dropped low

The house begin to standout as so nasty looking

There was a mother but a father moved on and the kids were affected so they begin to misbehave and the future was not something we could predict

The dinner table was left empty and conversation were only silence.No love not even a hug or I Love you as they slammed the doors and kept a distance

The family you admired and wish to be weren't so perfect behind those door that made you question on how they end this way

WHAT EVER HAPPENS IN THIS HOUSE STAYS IN THIS HOUSE ..That's how a perfect family ended this way.

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Our world


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