Nah, not you.

What do you even do?

Are you of any use?

Get out, with your hopes and dreams too.



This guy?

Nah, he can't get by.

You won't ever even make it in this city.

You can't shine, you're not right.

You've got the goals of a three year old kid.

and you never did nothin' that nobody else did. 

That's naiivity fool,

you think you're all cool?

'cause you got into college?

Who gives a FUCK about school? 

You're not even right for this,

you should just study business.

Wanna be in the limelight?

Wanna do something different?

Well then, it's not just brains you're missin'

Don't follow your dreams,

Just go be ignored. 

There's no room at the top, so just sweep up the floors.


But of course, I'm just you.

I'm just your subconcious. 

Man, when it comes down to it, 

You're the only person keeping yourself on the ground.







I like the anger and confusion it portrays at the beginning. It then turns itself on you when it reveals its your subconscious. I like the affect it has on the reader and how it challenges the reader to think.  

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