The People I Like

I always had a problem with liking people

My list of crushes has five names and I can still name all of them off the top of my head

I was told I'm too picky and that’s why I'm still single

Cause people like me, right?

Nah, see people don't

I get a once in a lifetime chance to find people that truly like me without ulterior motives

And then I fuck it up with trust issues behind jailed insecurities


The people I like wind up showing their true colors like black and blue on my skin

The people I like wind up showing their flaws like fresh cuts on my body

The people I like wind up saying things I hate like the voices in my head bickering


The person I like doesn't date “fat bitches”

My best friend won't date “bitches like me”

The person I like keeps saying “bitches” like it lessens the blow of the bullets to my body type

My best friend gives compliments like I'm stupid enough to think he isn't lying or fucking with me

The person I like couldn’t really give two fucks about me

My best friend says “you’re my friend” almost disdainfully


So see?

There’s my problem with liking people

I like the lowkey judgemental, “I can’t stand this, but I guess with you it’s fine” people

The withdrawn people

And I believe that’s where I waste my time: people


A hidden extrovert

With everything to lose inside a 5’10”, 260 lbs treasure chest

Covered in barbed wire and lemon juice dipped razor blades

Says “I love you” like it’s points added to a game

Compliments me like its fun to watch me squirm


Yes, I know he doesn't mean it

And that’s the problem

‘Cause I like him


You know the people I like


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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