people are hurting

This is not okay.

It is not okay that people don’t know how to cope.

It is not okay that the only way they find relief is by using a rope.

We live in a world where people would rather die than be alive.

We live in a world where people don’t just hold up peace signs, but instead hold triggers to their heads.

We live in a world where it’s not just confetti being thrown up, but also last nights dinner because that kid in the hallway said you looked a little thicker.

When that popular boy in my school last year wrapped a rope around his neck because he felt that it was the only option he had.

When all he really needed was to have arms wrapped around him and reassurance that the world wasn’t so bad.

and they will all tell you, “it will be okay”.

They will tell you to move on.

They will tell you that it’s only temporary.

They will tell you you’re too young to know what real pain feels like.

I’ve been broken and bent and tossed and smashed, but I still give a smile to every face that I pass.

It hurts.

I’m hurt. 

I am hurting.

So many other people are hurting.

People will tell you they don’t understand, but we don’t need you to understand!

We just need you to be there!

Robin William’s laugh is a faint memory that floats around my head.

The second he was gone, I understood why he was dead.

When I told my mom I was depressed but she said that depression is not real.

How could she say that? when intense pain is all I feel.

We’re not asking you to feel what we feel.

All we are asking is for someone to listen, and acknowledge that it’s real.

We need to remember Robin Williams, for he was a soul that seemed to thrive.

We need to find a way to keep these ‘hurting’ people alive.

Always be nice, because if only you knew

the pain that some people, even the ones that seem happiest, have to go through.


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Our world
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Lois Lillard

Love the poem. Hits the right topic.


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