Pencil and Paper

A grasp on my word only to pierce your flesh.

Words made of wood that never rest.

I didn’t choose to express my thoughts like this.

It just seems to get out with a twist of my wrist.

You dance to explain what words kept in vain.

I write to keep myself and the others sane.

I’ve lived a thousand lives through you.

Scratching things out that I began to rue.

It’s ok because we are one in the same.

Made from birth just to explain.

I set you down as I continue to lose sleep,

because for once I have decided to take that leap.

 I have heard of the madness you bring

,but also of the relief that you sing.

I pick you up once again.

I couldn’t think of anyone else as a best friend.

Ten years ago we first met,

simple beings with nothing but a bet.

You bet that you could erase all my fears.

I bet you would offer nothing but ears.

That was the only thing that drew me to you

the fact that I could confide in you.

No fancy poem could compare to what I found.

Pencil and paper.. 

on the ground.


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