Peaceful, Tranquil, Quiet

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 23:58 -- BreeV

Words that can never describe her mind

Chaos is abundant

Whirling hurling swirling thoughts each making less sense than the one before

Each piling on to the stress

And the worry

And the disorientation

How can she make decisions when she can’t even decide how she feels

About the man who’s supposed to love her the most

How can she focus on anything when

Love and Hatred and Pride and Shame and Depression and Anxiety and the need to be


Thrash through her head all day

Everything scrambled together

Mushed and mashed like instant potatoes

In a butter tub

Her mind is ready to explode

Can’t handle

Can’t cope

Can’t decipher

Can’t discern the racing vortex

There’s a code she can’t break

Or a lock she lost the key to

Something must be able to make sense of it all

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