Peaceful Lament

A lost soul in a pit of despair,

a lament driven by psychedelics and remorse.

Put down by those around, nothing is fair.

Life is a treasure that will take its course,

or taken by force,for inspiration is the source.


When joy  is shared it brings me pleasure

so obtaining world peace is my life's treasure.

People are subjugated by religion and color,

but I believe the day will come, 

when we can understand each other.


Government controls an army of toy soldiers, 

with no say designed to fulfill closures.

War breaks out with no clue,  

but a view to control and overthrow,

society a whole in order to grow.


My Lament will continue until the cycle is broken,

war is over and people have their mind open.

Until peace is present I will not rest,

for a place with no violence is the best.



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