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Peace is acceptance. Peace is understanding. Peace is having the ability to see great beauty and purposeful life in all that exists. You in yourself are significantly intertwined and intricately related to all else that has ever been and all that ever will be. Obtaining this knowledge and smiling with contempt at the ring of truth it airs, is where peace dwells. Peace is the sunshine that relentlessly falls to reach the ground laid with ashes and destruction. Peace is the touch of a hand after a drawn and miserable war. Peace is when the last tear has dried, the last heart has broken, and laughter can finally be heard. When asked, “What about Peace?” peer beyond the surface façade, and become wrapped in a transcendental sense of being to find your answer. Share with others the contagion of joy peace brings and release them to pay it forward, spreading to every house, every city, every nation, to every human. Peace lives regardless of whether we choose it or not. Choose peace.


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