Pay No Atention To The Woman Behind The Curtain


You can’t see me?


I don’t want you to.

I stand behind this curtain

Behind this wall

So I am away from you

From your judgment

Because you don’t know who I am.

I am a great person

I am kind

I am open-minded

I see everyone for the better

You see everyone for the worst

I have a heart

A brain

And I have courage

You see shallowness


And a coward

How though?

You judge me for how you see me

On the outside

But you need to look deeper

To my heart

I am a better person than you

Because I don’t judge others by the outside

But by what lies underneath

I don’t let you see who I am

Because I am afraid

I am afraid you will hurt me for it

On the outside you see a shy, shallow girl

A girl who doesn’t care

And doesn’t want to care

But really

I care too much

I care about you

I care about them

I am fun and lively

I have crazy moments

But you don’t know that

Because I hide

From your judgment

Behind this curtain

Pay no attention to me

I’m just a woman behind a curtain

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