Waiting for death's cold embrace
Saying this doesn't amount to my mental state
I've watched my own refection deteriorate
My mind vacant in space
Let that sink in while you contemplate
It isn't faith that holds my fate
Predetermined by those who hate
Will it be grace or gracious
To leave earth and the universe
In my rear view mirror image
The image distorted
My mind contorted and eroded away
My soul is in disarray
My body tries to walk sideways
This is not the way
To live if death's an inch away
I could slip away quietly and quickly
So called friends who never see me
Suddenly when I'm gone they'll miss me
Only my family, ie my brothers who get me
Understanding of the love run we're there for each other no matter the weather
Through thick and thin we'll stay together
We've been through what the world doesn't know
Although we stand stronger than ever
Done with sending hand writing love letter
Love is a man made construct that we fool ourselves turning to believers
Building a dam to block out all the Beavers and non keepers
Key component to this catilyst was the coronavirus
So I lay in wait
Till I get to that day
When my eyes don't open and I can just lay
Consciousness just slowly drifting away
I know there's no one who will want me to stay
In a panic heart pulpitations causing Havok
Equally it's chaotic
Mind finding battles my body can't take part in
Was open and loving
World turned me cold and stunning

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My family
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