The Past Never Fades

From birth I was raised by the one I loved, but the one I loved was not the one that birthed me. At first, things were alright. Yet as I got older, issues started to collide. Years of captivity and bring held hostage, witnessing with the inability to speak upon the situations that were boasted, running back and forth leaving time consumed, I'm just a kid so was confused. Hardships and past times are what created me. Now I'm shouting in church, "Lord, I thank thee." Losing what you love the most is hard to get over, and it does get annoying to hear, "It'll be alright, you just need time to recover." That loss is all you think about because it meant everything in the world to you. Memories of the past is all that's left. But the past is all I got, so I don't know about you. Everyone tells me to let go and move forward. I don't listen and hold on. You can see that I'm hitting negative on the scoreboard. My memory of you is so vivid when I saw you lowered in that hole. I guess the hardest part of holding on is letting it go.

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