Past Mistakes


 I sit here swimming in the past

Realizing what I did at last

I never did what was right

 And now I see that in the light


 I’m lost out here with nothing left to say

Just trying to live it day by day

I still can’t fathom why I did it

  Why didn’t the coat of remorse fit


I still hate that person I used to be

But I’m trying to change why they can’t see

I dug this hole so down and deep

I’m finding my sanity so hard to keep


Now I live out this life of consequence for those stupid mistakes

I would give my life to make up if that’s what it takes

Why couldn’t I think of how bad that would hurt

Now I can’t think of myself better than dirt


I’ll just have to live this life out

And stop sitting here finding an excuse to pout

Because what I did is far worse than what’s happened to me

I’ll just learn from it that’s how it’s going to be


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