Past Life Fears?

Tue, 03/12/2019 - 19:47 -- Clay

Why am I afarid of spiders, being murdered, and have massive fear of going blind? 

I believe it has something to do in my past life...

Maybe something happened to do with those things happened to me...or a loved one in a past life?

I always wondered about how if something happened in your past life how would it influence your next or current life?

Is it a part of you that stays when you are reborn or recarnated?

A part of you that tells you subconsciously not to or to do something? 

To be weary or fearful of a animal, insect, person, topic or thing?

Maybe it's my parnoia or something greater?

I normally have a nagging subconsious that always seem to know the answer...

Whether I follow it or not, it almost always seems to know... as if I been there before or a similar situation 

Sometimes, I would dream about something before it happens or predict things before they happen

Maybe that is why I'm afraid of spiders? failing others? going blind? being taken advaantage of?

Has it happened already... or is it going to happen? 

Is that why I always think once, twice, three times before I do something?

Or am I just being paranoid? Or is it one of my pass lives trying to tell me something?

That I may not know, but one thing is for sure...

I'm afraid of spiders, being murdered, going blind, letting other down and being taken advantage of.



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