Passionately Purified

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 12:41 -- habbott


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When I was 12 I made a vow. I would rather pay the price than experience the cheap imitation that wouldn't suffice. My lips are saved for the day I say I do. Go ahead, classify me as extreme, but I answer to the Supreme! I will not falter until I get to the altar! I'm waiting for a guy who looks in my eyes; a man who is without a disguise. My prayer is: Lord, help me to prioritize so I don't miss that surprise.

Too often my high school peers would fall, then I'd get their confidential call. Coming from a Christian school doesn't always mean Christ rules. Hookups sought a time of pleasure, but quickly turned to empty treasure. One teen wanted money for the pill to flush out her system, because she gave away too much permission. Others asked for coverup lotion wishing it was some magic potion. "Friends with benefits" sounds like a deal, but that night's over--there was nothing real.

Growing up I was the PK of town--when someone said 'fun' I was supposed to frown. Some pastors kids snap like a twig, hating their position not wanting to be a christian. Their dads put on a mask, his church is his priority, his daughter comes last. God knew I couldn't be stable without a godly man who was able to treat me as I should to value me as God would. He's taught me to give no one any lip, he's the spiritual leader of our home the captain of our ship.
My good girl stayed good, but the truth is I struggled. Sin's heartbeat is in the whirlwind of this planet's trouble. Tempted by alcohol, drugs, and sex, sure put my soul to the test. So any guy who tries to poison your purity, can't even possibly give you security. Entanglements before wedding arrangements can harm your heart and your soul, cancer from HPV is another part that takes a toll.

Paradise is not the bod you just scored: it's in Heaven with the true trophy that says sin is no more. Christ's Resurrection wiped out infection. With God there is no rejection. One day He will answer all our questions. Jesus knows your account, and not by your youtube, facebook, or twitter--He is the Love for every sinner. Sin quivered the moment Jesus died, making you and me passionately purified.


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