A Passionate Dreamer to Her First Love

Come live with me and be my love,

I want to wear it like a glove;

I will give you all that I am,

My heart, my soul, with no exam.


And I will wait upon the clouds

Until I find you in the crowd;

Cheers will ring out as you arrive,

I give you more than a high-five.


Before that time has come to pass,

I will make moments with you last;

Each day will be a new journey,

Take leaps with you without Worry.


Forever I will give you strength,

For which I offer at any length;

I promise before I leave you

To give you heirs you shall love too.


Grief will not bring us down today,

Our devotion will find a way;

We will live a life of smiles,

Each one will go on for miles.


Then please give me a single chance

To prove we can have pure romance;

Please do not leave me now I plead,

Your true friendship is all I need.


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