The right passion is transformative.
For me, it was music.
I turn from a shy introverted nothing
to a outgoing loudmouth expert
in 3.6 seconds flat.

But this isn't about me.

It's about you.

This message is throwing down a gauntlet,
making you think about yourself.

Here's the challenge:
Find your passion.
But here's the caveat-
     it has to be real.

I'm not talking about a superficial, popular trend
but true passion.
Something that keeps you up a night
that brings you out of your chair
that you live and breathe
I don't care what it is-
computers, clothing, collecting weirdness

whatever... just do it...
Why is this important?
Because without something to live for, without passion,
     You're not really living,
     You're just not dying.

The point of living is to learn, grow, change

So this is my plea.
Seek out your passion,
do something new every day.

You never know what will ignite

     that spark

Find your passion
and transform from the ashes of your self-loathing
into the phoenix that resides in each of us.

There is a niche for you
You just have to seek it
It will take work-
You will have to actively be trying new things.

Sometimes you fall into it and sometimes you grow into it.

But if you look for it,
I promise there is a place that you will find belonging.


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