Pardon my French


Hey Dave! 
Yeah, the one they call Mr. Bruce
Get a Life! 
We all have one
That's why what you require of us is ridiculous!
We can't spend every 



With you and all these other people under your direction

We are here because we love music
We are here because we love good grades

And I'll give it to ya that some people in this band.... 
Their life is Band
Marching Band

But you robbed me of a wonderful weekend
With my real friends
You know? 
The ones that don't do drugs or talk about perverse things all the time

I love these people too, 
But I see them everyday, 
And the only thing every one of us has in common is our 
For you.

Give me back all those countless hours of back breaking work and dehydration. 

I want to spend my teacher work day at the beach with my sister that doesn't live at home anymore. 

Because she means the world to me!

But I will not quit Marching Band, 
I cannot express this disrespect,
Because I've been raised better.

And there's something about this program that keeps me coming back every year.


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