I want you to grab me in your hands and say

I’m enchanting.

That i whisper sweet notes into you souls heart.

That I grab your mind in complicated twists of fantasy.

The lines of my skin trace your memories of our love.

Past tears still mark your shirt.

And my heat still embraces your skin.

The clever look in my eyes brings you a smile to your perfect mouth.

When we touch it electrifies your mind,

and our collapse is like falling into colors.

Our sex, it has its own rythem

as we grab, and kiss the warmed flesh of lust.

The rolling of sychronized breathing, and gasping.

His love it engulfs me in breezes of summer gold and delicious sweet poison.  

My paradise, tell me you love me,

I want to watch its slow tremble feather down your lips to mine.

Relaxing my body and soul into your world, an oasis of lusting love at its 






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