Welcome! To where the grass is greener, the air is smother and the wine is richer
Do not ask me of my name that is not important nor my personal stature; but I have not disregarded the name mystery and I will respond to the title of king
I will be your host for the time being as it is.
Look around you.
Notice the hourglasses , notice how the sand is infinite and the containers are fragile
*laughs* no, no you can't carry those in here
You see clothes are not a necessity here nor your feelings of doubt or your inadequacies and no, no sorrow it's not fitting of you
Look at me, see now that wasn't so bad in fact it wasn't bad at all maybe I should say something more along the lines of...
That's it! Perfect! Now this is what I wanted to see your body is everything and the only thing you'll ever need if your to kick it, socialize, talk or even relax with me... And the people of this wonderful city.
I know it seems weird that your clothes are gone and your problems and worries
But just look at me I'm the same as you
No suit and tie
No socks not even shoes, but I don't need those things cause I'm pretty damn cool...
What? Oh these naw never mind them
What what are they? Ugh just a problem or two.
I suppose if you got rid of yours I should get rid of mines too
But I'll get to that in just a second ok you seem hungry
Take a walk with me ...
And here is where we dine
I know your confused no napkins nor forks knives or spoons
But let me show you what and how we eat around hear
Shh stop shaking remember there's no place here for fear.
Ugh fine I guess I'll serve you
Take my hands within yours. Bona-petite!
                  And I , and I must admit that the sea in me has sung to the
                  Sea in you. And I , and I must admit that the sea in me is in
                  Love with the sea in you and you have made something out
                Of that sea that has nearly swallowed you and me too
                Every kind for itself and its own, for me mine male and
                Female, for me those that have been boys and love
                Women. I love you the way a man loves a woman he never
                Touches, only writes to keeps small photographs of. You
                Most definitely move me...
Agh I can see that your full well in that case did you enjoy the meal it's not my best work but I think it did the trick.
Oh you feel sick? No, no that's just the itis kicking in
Keep your hand in mine I will take you to your den.
Notice how your bed is made of the clearest clouds, you know the ones only the birds can see.
And your sheets psshhh please their a million thread count with a lavender tainted breeze designed just for you, yes you and they're meant to keep you at ease
With a hint of your favorite dolce and gabana fragrance to tickle your nose as you *inhale* breath
Now *grunt* sleep tight and rest up I hope that your glad
That I brought to this place and gave you a feeling you never had
Huh? What's that you asked??
Is it wonderment?
No my dear child
Is it a vacation?
Well it could be but it lasts much longer than that
Then what is it?
*laugh* oh it's funny you mention
Because this wonderful place is/ are my mental dimensions
And yes you could stay here for as long as you'd like
Even the rest of your life
But take the time to know the name of this place because it many names
But you may refer to it as paradise.


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