Wed, 01/07/2015 - 18:13 -- Mooilky
Paper mask you fold so well
No one can see your crinkles and wrinkles 
Bland pale beads of rice frame your smile
cut too wide held too long
People won't look into the black pits of your eyes 
Something about you sticks in their throats
Salty like olives and sweeter than honey
the closest thing to me
Paper mask you hide so well
No one can see my bitterness and anger
Searing hot hands seizing my arms
Too short for the terrible strength in their veins
People won't look at my trembling fingers
Salty like the olives i put on my pinky as a child
And sticky like honey
Paper mask
Let me strip you off
I want to show them how i feel
Why can't I cry in company
I am always alone
Inside you
Paper mask
You always show me stars right before the darkness 
Dizzy tumbling pale rice stars 
That drop from my eyes
Salty like olives
And raw like honey
Paper mask you fold too well
I am crushed in your creases 
Your edges frame my breaking bones
Cutting through your paper
People won't look at your bleeding clotted skin
Something about it repulses their eyes
Salty like olives and sweeter than honey
Your paper is so thin
I forget it's my skin


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