Paper Snowflakes


Starfish eyes,

Bubble gum breath,
Nothing about this girl
Makes any sense
Punctuation marks
On all her fingernails
Humming the lyrics to
Some song you’ve never heard
You want this girl
She’s intriguing
She’s funny
She asked you to make
Paper snowflakes with her
She wants to walk in the cold
To get ice cream
Her room is plastered
With glow in the dark stars
Her favorite movie takes place
On the ocean
You try to get in her head
But she won’t open up to you
One night you were taking a walk
You saw her sitting under a tree
Throwing acorns into the bushes
Telling the squirrels to go away
You asked if she was ok
She turned with tears in her eyes
You engulfed her in a hug
You’ve wanted to for a long time
Then you sat with her
Yelling at the squirrels
Knowing she was going to be ok 



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