Paint me Like I Am


A house that doesn't feel like home
United States

Why don't you paint me like I am?

Dancing and singing

Full of life

Always looking for adventure, never looking for trouble

With close family and friends by my side

Why don't you paint me

Like I am

Paint me colorful and bright

Not describing skin color but my might

Spontaneous and quirky

Paint me surrounded by the people that love me

Paint me when I remember that

I am the daughter of a respected African man

Who's tongue speaks of different languages

Who's mind holds ongoing thoughts

Paint me without the tears

And the mindbending questions and

without heartbreaking accusations

Paint me without the hateful words have been spoken about me

For I am bold

Can't you stand by my side without as to one judgement?

Even when I make my endless mistakes

Paint me indepedent

Paint me intelligent

Paint me


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