Paint Me

Tue, 05/27/2014 - 05:41 -- kalynnw


Paint me!

Paint my eyes paint my smile

paint my laugh paint my vitals

can can you really see the exact detail of me?

you can try to paint my legs

oh so smooth like butter but hard like rock.

you can try to paint my heart.

but the beats of it will never match your paintbrush.

you can even try to paint my soul,

you can't catch it.

its free like a bird

try to catch the feelings

whoa thats way beyond you.

feeling like a canvas

hey, theres more too.

paint my spirit that will shine above all evil .

paint my body from head to toe, the curves and shapes that make me.

they try and try to hate me.

ripping, tearing, and spitting on my canvas that  makes me.

but only i can break me down, throw me away so that i can never be found.

but like Van Gogh's work im a piece of art.

now you try to make me your artwork,

painting on my skin, my clothes, and even my feelings.

but you cant paint me.

I am my own artwork.

i mold and change myself.

you try to paint me but i never stay the same.

im growing little by little every single day.

but hey go ahead and try to paint me.


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