Paint A Larger Picture


On the balcony everything seems high and distance

But when its really suppose to be close

But closer you look the less you'll see

Everything  to the artist is empty

And the view is a sight not worth to see

The colors seem to look different,, a little light and faded

Its dark outside but is it?

The stars aren't shining like they should

The color of life is fading away

The artist has no reason to create art

He enters his studio that was once colorful but now is black and white

Walking to his canvas of a recent masterpiece

He see nothing but a black outline

The artist is mad, he crumples up the paper up and sas

"Out of all the colors in the world, Where are my TRUE colors?"

With that being said

Red mixed with blue

White and Black balanced

Pink,Yellow and Orange bounces along the sunset horizion

The Artist is no longer blue

He is at ease with the color green

Nothing is blank

He returns to his balcony and finally

He seen all his true colors all along

He wasn't lookin for a mixture

He was looking for a picture


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