Painful soul

I write what I feel and at times it seems dark, this is not what one would want to hear thinking they may have  caused it,

My life I lived has been with much darkness, such pain I feel for only being able to express such saddness, the trauma I could never reviele to a soul, how could I tell them what happened, giving them such woe I could not even imagine, life in itself I hear should should be happy, glorious  love and content ,  ugh that's sounds so sappy.

Never could I or would I relate to a simple life of joy and no hate, I get to see how my children blame me for a life I didnt ask for but grew up strong no matter my fate, unstable are my thoughts who would will such pain, why would i want many to think I'm insane, such hate i feel only radiates off the stares theses souls I gave birth to are unable to understand , thank God they can not compare, It was not easy showing them much love and compasion from a torched soul that is un able to give e a reaction, so I seclude my self to save what I can, I must save my self and my family from my sadness and darkness while I try to figure out what actually has happened, it hard living  a life in darkness with no one to talk to as I drown in such saddness

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