The Pain of A Woman

I’ll never understand the pain of a woman

Especially in this day of age when the morals of a man are that of a little boy

You see it’s the perception of illogical beliefs that tend to break our women down

They say they’re not beautiful enough

Not skinny enough

They hate their weight

Can’t stand their face

It’s the contradictory terms that men constitute women as

Bitches, sluts, hoes

I can’t even imagine my mother being label as any of these things

But yet, it’s what we refer our women as today

Making them self conscious of their weight

Causing them to inflict pain for some petty boys gain

Put yourself in their shoes and see if you can function the same

Huh, of course you can’t

You truly aren’t capable of suffering what a woman has to withstand

But you see it’s this piece of a puzzle that’s missing in a woman

And that woman may feel the need to fill her missing puzzle

Stooping so low she drops her standards for a man

Which then results in the abusive words

The yelling the screaming

The physical cruelty

The mental scrutiny

What ever happen to that happy little girl?

She was so joyful

So innocent

Yeah, that’s what it was

It was innocence

The innocence of a woman that has been taken and misused

Causing her to feel like she has to suffer this abuse

She can’t grasp her emotions

She feels a certain devotion to the man that broke her spirit

And when he’s done using her innocence

She’s left with no type of commitment

She wants to love and be loved

But she’s scared

And for good reason too

I mean imagine trying over and over and over again

And just losing yourself each time you succumb to this man

She’s tired of being hurt

And it’s all due to the incapability of this man to grow up

But he’ll learn eventually

Because that little girl

Could be his wife

Maybe his mother

He’ll soon realize the games he’s played has surpassed his unconventional ways

And at the end of it all

It’s him whose gonna take the hardest fall

Because you see when you start to mess with a woman’s fate  

When you lust instead of love

Fuss instead of trust

The guilt that eats you up is intangible

It’s indefinable

You can’t accurately explain what you feel

You just know that whatever it is has caused your heart to feel surreal

And it’s in the heart of a man where the most pride stands

So the pain of a woman

I can never comprehend what she feels

But I can attest to this

When her heart is free

Everything else in the past seems so unreal


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