Pain of the Stereotype


Her skin tone was dark chocolate, so rich and deep. Most people knew that type of chocolate was healthy, yet didn't bother to speak. Cause you like your girls as light as your off white sheets, why bother on trying to greet? You like to keep it mainstream, even though it's your interest that she peaked, cause you've never seen quite a scene. The way her braids fall down her back, she embraces her thickness unlike those girls you prefer who starve themselves for a thigh gap. Praising the niggas who say what's cool and what's whack, just cause you don't even know how to act. That ignorant fuck who can't seem to face the fact, you only like white chocolate even when your own mother is black. I feel sorry for your bitch ass, thinking every dark chocolate bitch is a hoodrat, and because of that you wouldn't even give her the time. Nigga this is real life not vine, you don't see me twerking all the time. Acting like everything is cool and fine, but it's just a big game of pointing out every existing stereotype. You prolly think I can't swim but I'm actually payed to go to pools and save lives. But go ahead and do you, or do whatever your trying to duplicate, advertise the dark chocolate with distaste. It's always the fakes who continue to hate anyway.


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