Pain & Sadness


I hate this feeling. The feeling of hitting your breaking point. You're so broken and shattered on the inside. How can it get any worse? But then it does. And you feel like you can cry an ocean, and drown in your own painful tears. It isn't a temporary feeling. Like happiness for instance. It never goes away. It just echoes on in an infinite tunnel. And the tunnel is made of your pain. You can't escape, no matter how far or how long you walk. It just keeps going. And each step makes you wince. And you can't breath because your suffocating in all the pain. But wait. There's a tiny glimmer of light coming. You walk toward it thinking, at last, happiness. But as you get closer, you only find it was simply just a crack in the wall. So far up, you can't even reach. It was just a tease. But you're not laughing. You succumb once more to sadness.


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