The Pain of Death

The Pain of Death


There comes a time in everyone’s life

When their hearts are filled with pain and strife

Where they wish time would go back

For the future without them looks so black

As the ones you loved are no longer there

And the weight of the loss is too much to bear

You feel weak, you feel down

Others emphasize as we’ve all seen that frown

You may be angry and you may cry

You may ask yourself the question why

Life without them may not feel the same

And you may feel as you are to blame

But when you feel down they’ll be at your side

For you’re not the only one who cried

And this sudden loss may be heavy on your psych

So you can heal for as long as you like

But don’t let it linger, the death nor pain or strife

Because for every loss there is born new life

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



I wrote this poem after I remembered the stages of pain and hope of my mom after she received the news of my grandmother's passing. So this poem is meant to be saddening at first but hopefully, towards the end, you realize that there is more to life and that you shouldn't mourn the death of a loved one for too long.


Also I forgot to add the #allineedslam

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