Pain Beneath The Words


704 bluebonnet dr.
United States
30° 3' 50.0616" N, 99° 9' 0.3312" W
I write to keep myself in check
I write to escape the pain in my chest
Because while actions speak louder
words have a stronger effect
So I write away the pain
Write away the sorrow
Write with thoughts of a better tomorrow
Because poetry is my life line
It keeps the pain at bay
Because all I want is love the my parents once gave
I want to be heard, and free to express
I want to get this pain off my chest
But my mom brushes my words aside
Calling them nothing but lies
Not caring that part of my heart dies each and every time
And my dad just sits on the sidelines
Occasionally playing, but silently waiting for a time to shine
So I write 
Using my tears and pain to fuel my drive
Because I can never be heard
Never say what is truly on my mind
Just keep it in


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