The gardener looked around,
Many a night tossed around in bed.
The other flower was not like the others.
I saw it too,
it was different.
But how's that possible?
All seeds were Yellow! 

The flower grew,
I thought it was pretty.
I thought it had been well taken care of.
Because it is colorful.
It's really what we excpect of flowers.

It's market day again, Hurray!
All famers are happy now - even the flourist.
"A penny for the red flower,
the green and white ones too!"
The flourist said out loud.

The tourist said,
"I can give a penny for the red one,
the green and the white ones too!"

Many a tourist came,
They paid a penny for the red flowers,
the green and white ones too.
Why? - it's all the flourist kept shouting.

There was the purple flower,
it was not white,
was not red, or green.
So when the sun set and the market closed,
the flourist stuffed the purple flower in the bin.
Happy he had ten pennies.
 Though no one bought the purple one!
But it was not big a deal.
It was just one afterall.
The purple flower didn't mean much.

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