Pain and Love


United States
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Gotta go truckin’ some novacane
Watch this paranoia hurricane
Blow this fuckin static pain away
Red razor sharp pain away
Whose thy hand taketh pain away?
Twitch my aches sail the sea of sane
Flood my bath with novacane
Pulse my back like needles like rain
Trick my body trick my brain
Kill me softly sniff cocaine
Whisper to me it will be okay
Baby, it will be okay
Wipe these tears of pain away
Kiss my lips of pain away
Stitch this open wound I say
Forget the thought of being in pain
………Thinking of the days
When I’m with you, I loose myself in your eyes
Start to spin and loose my mind, forgive me sometimes
Alcoholic turn to grey
Rotten memories in decay
Must not let ourselves be dismayed
For this I’m The Queen of Pain
For this I’m the Queen of

It’s a different kind of feeling
When in love
This feeling so appealing
When in love
Its so real, so right , I think about you …every single day and night
Hitchhiking to sea view, run away to our view,
watch our movie preview, here’s my song and here's your sue,
sing right here to finish this, pause right now I need a kiss,
steal away my moving lips, forget that I am saying this.
So C’mon boy it's your turn, teach me how its done I’ll learn,
feel me up and rock my world ,Shut the door and make me squirm.
Turn the lights down low and blue, whisper that.. I love you,
turn the music up and loud ,So they cant hear what’s going down
But let’s go down to our view, sneek our movie preview,
look up to the full moon, I’m thankful that I have you,
hoping I can make a wish, love this moment of true bliss,
Live to love and love to live cause Perfect timing does exist… does exist

But your love it makes me damn inspired, and your love tangles me up like an electrical wire
your love makes me drown in the ocean mist, needing that oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine
elemental combination
Transforming in these time frames, leading me to mind games
hopefully this lions tame, enough that I can say his name
Leo you're the sun sign, clinging on to your pride
passionate and optimistic, mystically intuitive
Flowing with your movement, listening to acoustics
listening to your music, enjoy your sweet eloquence
embracing me in your arms, feel the warmth from your arms
Caressing me for so long, singing me your sweet song
How am I gonna end this? Stanley help me end this?
Out of breath just let this fizz, just shut me up and kiss my lips
So looks like I am not the Queen of Pain
Turned and walked down the other lane
and forced me to make another name
for this I am the Queen of Love
I thank the heavens and the stars above
I thank God for the days the many days to come
You and I it only just begun, me and You... it only just begun.


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