She wishes things would get better,

But they never did.

Depression increases,

Those thoughts trapped,

Never to leave her mind.

She wasn't like the other girls,



And beautiful.

Forever alone,

She wears a mask,

to hide away her anguish,

But all she knows is pain and emptyness.

She hopes someone would understand,

What its like to be bullied- 

Paper wads thrown,

Tripped in a bus,

Books flying,

People laughing.

Oh, how she has lived her life,

All alone.

She hopes for a new friend each morning,

But all she gets are angry stares.

Her pillow is a lake of lost dreams. 

Her parents could care less,

She wasn't the girl they wanted,

she was strange,

Nothing like the other girls.

They just didn't care,

About who she is,

What she thinks, 

All she can feel;

is pain.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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