The unmistakable feeling of pain

The good pain

The bad pain

The unwanted pain

Yeah,i like pain

I also hate pain

The pain that is inflicted from others is the pain that i despise

The pain inflicted from myself is the pain i live for

The pain that keeps me going

That keeps me alive


I must sound quite insane

Hey,im not far from it

Everyday im pushed closer and closer to the edge of the cliff

The cliff of mental instablity

I laugh in the faces of people who lead lives of boring repetitve episodes.

That is not what life is about

Not at all what life is about

Or at least not for the self diagnosed insane girl

A girl who'd rather sit in the darkness of an ally than in the lightness of an open field

A girl who'd rather talk to the voices in her head than the people sitting right in front of her

This girl

Some people may have seen her around

Walking with the crowd

Head held high

What is she wearing?

A mask.

A mask to hide her feelings

A mask to hide behind in order to be safe

But when she is at home

All alone in her bedroom,her thoughts become alive

Her thoughts become deadly

Her thoughts start to push her

Push her past the point of insanity

The point where her thoughts tell her that as soon as she inflicts pain,they will leave her alone

and she wants to be left alone

and so it begins

She inflicts the pain upon her sellf

Crimson regret slowly leaks down her arm,making stains on the floor

Her vision begins to blur

Her head becomes light

and she finally fades into the darkness

The voices are gone.




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