​that smooth chocolate skin, those big brown eyes

that non existant waist and those thick thighs

nice plump lips that encase 2 rows of sunshine

36D's and a big behind


you're every guys dream and its undeniable

expecially the way you strut, your hips rocking from side to side

making guys wish that they were inside


you love the attention and the compliments

you use thm as the building blocks to build your rather low self esteem

a pretty girl with a banging body is what it seems

but know one knows what it means to have everything

yet still be so empty


"its not whats on the outside but whats on the inside that counts"

but these guys would rather get inside you instead of knowing whats inside you

whats causing all your pain, your heartache

theres only so much a pretty lady like you can take 

but it hurts you even more when you think of the mistake

that was made


he trespassed his way into your pants

ridding you of a precious gift

your innocence

he told you he loved you and that it was for the best

told you to hush so it would hurt less

but he slid inside you like a savage 

and you were motionless as he took advantage

taking what he claimed was his but it was never his and was never meant to be his

 he stared into your eyes as those tears were running down your face

and now its a constant memory that you cant erase

a day and time that you wish you could replace

but its still lurking inside you, making you wish there was someone to talk to

yet you shove everyone out and let these guys shove themselves in

using it as an excuse to heal your pain

but things will never change.

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