I once told myself i wouldn't let another page speak of you....
When i first met you i automatically had a thing for you cuz in that brief conversation you told me everything i needed to know that I'd found someone special. We were young and i was dumb. Initially this thing i had for you just allowed me to get close enough to you to know what you liked without asking. You were my best friend. I wanted you round me all the time. As time went on something clicked i had never felt this before . I felt like i should protect you that no one was good enough for you. And to hear you speak on yo feelins for other niggas would turn me greener than hulk after a sucka punch from Iron man.But i couldn't let u see this so i played the fool. And everyone seemed to pity the fool but you. That drew me in closer like a moth to a flame. I was the moth to your flame too bad you weren't the same. I guess i wasn't warm enough for summertime in between school years. Then fall came after our last summer and i guess something finally clicked within you. This was long overdue but hey what can i say you're everything i ever wanted and good things come to those that wait. You kept me sane when I'd lose my mind and picked me up when i was down. If it weren't for you I probably wouldn't have graduated highschool and let alone think about going to college. So i take u in with open arms in that moment I probably should have proposed, cuz i wanted to be everything you ever needed and more. I'd carry the world above my head with one hand and the other washing your back if u asked me to.
You've filled countless pages....
When u said yes i was like the grinch after he stole Christmas. Need i say more! you became, no you were always my muse. But in that moment I was like a faucet waiting and you turned me on. I wrote 3 mixtapes in one night just thinking of you. But before the sink could over flow you cut me off and unplugged the drain. For a while my pages were empty because of you. I told myself not to worry bout you.I ran into others but I couldn't stick around i was always finding something wrong. They were pink matter and you were something more. I was the fool again and the world was my pity party. Not thinking was the best medicine. Cuz without u I was sick stumbling like a zombie and out for blood.
So Far so good.....
I heard thru the grapevine you found a new guy,  half heartedly thinking that you're happy. Jealousy resides on the other half. My stomach all in knots is this high school all over again. I need u back. Is he treating you right? The things I've heard tell me otherwise, but the girl i knew wouldn't take no shit from nobody. How could this be?
You've filled another page.....
It's not like i ever stopped filling pages in your name but this one's different it's like the intro to the final chapter. I hope someone else writes this cuz if i have to close the book on you i don't know who else i'd write to.
If i put my notebooks in a time capsule and left them to the future they'd probably think i lived in a country wore your name with you as queen and i as mire knight hoping to do your kingdom justice. Yet i told myself i would never let another page speak of you.

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